December 28, 2007

Re-Live Serena Completing the "Serena Slam" - Australian Open Classic: 2003 Final (vs. Venus)

On Sunday, December 30, 2007 @7pm EST, The TENNIS CHANNEL will air the 2003 Australian Open Final (Venus vs. Serena). As many may know, with winning the 2003 Australian Open, Serena completed the SERENA SLAM. This marked only the fifth time a woman has held all four of tennis' major championships at the same time, and the first since Steffi Graf in 1994. (Currently, no other female has completed this feat since Serena). And to do it, Serena had to beat her sister, best friend and practice partner each time. The Williams siblings are the first (and only) two women in Grand Slam history to square off in four consecutive finals.
Amazing Statistic:
Serena Williams has won 28 consecutive Grand Slam matches. (Also, the day before the final, Venus and Serena won the Doubles Title).
(I pray that the programming lineup does not change. Being a fan, I have to admit that I NEVER saw this match and it is sure to be classic for me).

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