December 30, 2007

Conflict: Lendl/Serena vs. Becker/Venus?

The Tennis Channel (TTC) was scheduled to air the 2003 Australian Open Final (Serena vs. Venus) but it is currently showing the 1991 Australian Open Men's Final between Lendl and Becker. Their website still states that the 7pm airing is that of the Williams Sisters and that the Lendl vs. Becker match is not supposed to air until 10pm EST. (Maybe the switch will cause the Sisters' match to air at 10pm). I really take issue with "this" channel and this scheduling conflict is not even the tip of the iceberg. Please let me not start ranting about their "Grand Slam" coverage (or "tennis" coverage in general) as it relates to that of ESPN/ESPN2/USA. I will most definitely keep you posted as to whether the match between Venus and Serena actually airs at 10pm. Who knows, (by reputation alone) they (TTC) may actually air the Lendl vs. Becker match again at 10pm. I would not be surprised. The Tennis Channel is a joke (and it has been that way long before today). The concept of the Tennis Channel actually airing "tennis" was nice though. Then again, maybe I have the wrong perception of this channel. Just as Showtime/HBO/The Movie Channel actually show "movies" 24-7 and "as scheduled," I figured the Tennis Channel was cut from that very same pattern. I'm not the "eat-when-I'm-upset" type person, I'm just not that guy, but I am about to get acquainted with some cookies-n-cream ice cream. Until next time......

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