February 1, 2008

Serena covers Monarch Magazine

Monarch Magazine is dedicated to reflecting affluent African American professionals and their lifestyles. This publication was created as a source of empowerment, an innovative resource that provides encouragement, knowledge and pride. Monarch is designed to embody the thoughts, vision and intellect of today’s black and urban professional while creating examples of success for those who aspire to fulfill their potential.

To play such a sport takes a competitive soul, and Serena shows this in every move she makes. As an offensive player in tennis, she takes immediate and dominating control over her opponents. Being the only individual at this time, male or female, to have held all four grand slams at the same time, Serena is a ferocious force to have to contend with on and off the court. While playing her opponents, she shows off her creative talents with innovative outfits she wears designed by her for her, controlling what she wears and not just what sponsors provide for her to wear. This creative flair ended up opening a chance for her own personal line at Puma, which would eventually lead to her working with Nike. It was at Nike that she received hands-on experience in professional design that she continued through traditional education at the Arts Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It seems as though the school has done her justice. Sporting her clothing design on the court has made the public more than eager to buy what they see her wearing.

Among groups today, there has been an ongoing discussion on what our lives entail, destiny or pure human determination. We will probably still be debating this question until the end of time, but in Serena's case it has to be a little of both. Early on she had a taste of doing what she loved and that doesn't stop with just tennis. Serena has a real knack for business creating a clothing line by the name of Aneres. This line of clothing has been up and running for three years and the last touches are finally being put together to properly present it.

Monarch Magazine attracts readers who have not placed limitations on who they are and what they can be. Readers who have chosen to associate themselves with things that are not defined by age or income, but rather by a mind-set that says achievement.

Not only is business a love, but a byway to use her designing talents to the best of her abilities. In this way she is able to do what she likes and enjoy it. The thing is, with Serena, it's not just all business and no play. Along with design, Serena feels that there is just so much she wants to experience and enjoy in future endeavours. These are activities outside of tennis and business that she holds dear to her heart, and when time permits she spends as much time as possible doing them. When she is not working on her clothing line, she has a strong fancy for acting. Appearing in shows such as "The Simpsons," "My Wife and Kids" and even "Law and Order". Serena and her sister, Venus, even had a reality show entitled "Venus and Serena For Real" on ABC Family, which first aired on July 20th of 2005. Though lasting less than three months, the show received great reviews and it seemed as if the girls had a new court to conquer. Who knows what we will see later.

Monarch Magazine is the forum that brings its readers all of these things delivered within a vibrant and intelligent mix of business and style.

This girl's going nowhere for a while. She loves the sport of tennis and as long a she has this love, you can plan on seeing Serena on the courts for another eight years.

Along with tennis, she is working out those small glitches to make Aneres number one for young women looking for that athletic wear for a night on the town.

It's after her last hurrah in tennis that she would seriously consider being an actress full time. Aneres would be first in her heart, but some acting would be icing on the cake.

Being an African American in this sport, how do you think your success has changed the view of life for young African Americans who follow your career?
It's been great. When I was growing up, there weren't many African American tennis players that I could look up to out there, except for Zena Garrison. She had such an impact on my life. I hope that I might have that same impact on others some day. Then I would know that everything I've done would have been worthwile.

Out of all the success you have had at this game, what has it taught you personally?
I think it's just to always be true to who I am, and humble at the same time. That is my life lesson. In this business one day your in and one day you could be out. I just want to enjoy success while I can.

How long do you think you can keep playing this game professionally?
Well, I'm enjoying it so much. The energy and excitement is always there. I can do it for another eight years.

Away from tennis you have a real knack for business. How did this come about?
My father is a real entrepreneur. I think I just got it from him, and my mom too. Being in such an environment, I don't think you can help but to grow up with that mentality.

How did you come up with the Aneres clothing line?
Well, when I was younger I used to sew and make clothes, and I loved doing it. Later I went to the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They have one of the best curriculums around.

In what venues can we find your clothing?
We're not in stores yet, but soon. In fact I have a couple of meetings coming up next week. Finally I can answer more questions people have about the line.

Who wears Aneres?
Every woman wears Aneres. My moto is if you look good you feel good.

Can we expect to see another television show from you and your sister in the future?
(Giggle), I don't know, maybe. I loved doing it, but we were doing so much work during that time. We had a hectic schedule.

After tennis have you ever thought about acting full time?
Yes, even now I have a lot of gigs offered, but because of the writers strike they have been postponed for a while.

In your HP commercial you say that you love animation and have some ideas. Can you tell me one?
I have this super hero that I created, probably because I love writing as much as animation. Not too long ago I did a voice-over for one of my favorite cartoons called the "Avatar". I loved every minute of it.

Do you know what the school your financing in Senegal will be called?
I have no idea at this point. Maybe they will name it after me.

How do you deal with pressure of playing tennis?
My father told me, the pressure you have is the pressure you put on yourself.

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