May 3, 2008

Serena's path to German Open Title / TV Coverage

1st Rnd: Bye
2nd Rnd: Cornet (or) Schiavone
3rd Rnd: Radwanska
QF: Henin
SF: Kuznetsova
F: Jankovic (or) Ivanovic (or) Dementiava

Serena's section of the draw is rock solid and possibly the toughest in the entire tournament but she is more than capable of getting the job done. Go Serena! Grab your fourth consecutive title (and 2nd clay court title) of the year!

U.S. fans can watch the Berlin-Qatar German Open on The Tennis Channel:

Friday, May 9th: Quarter-Finals @ 5:00pm EST
Saturday, May 10th: Semi-Finals @ 2:00pm EST
Sunday, May 11th: Semi-Final #2 (REPEAT) @ 12:ooam
Sunday, May 11th: Semi-Final #1 and #2 (REPEAT) @ 1:00pm
Sunday, May 11th: FINAL @ 5:00pm EST
Monday, May 12th: FINAL (REPEAT) @ 12:00am


Andy said...

I just wanted to thank you for running this great blog. I think it's really cool that someone has done this. It's like a one stop shop for all the Serena news I need. It looks like she has a really tough draw coming up in Berlin but I'm confident she can pull through or at least get some much needed practice on the red clay. I'll be keeping updated (thanks to your blog) this coming week on her progress in the tourney. Again, just wanted to say thanks!


SerenaSlams said...

Hello Andy,

Thanks for your kind words. I am happy to know that you enjoy the site. Running this blog is truly a labor of love, for both Serena and her fans.

practiceboy said...

I wanted to say thanks, too... I check your site like every day. So I guess the Tennis Channel is showing all the rounds tape delayed? Hmph... probably because of Rome, huh? Oh well

SerenaSlams said...

Thanks for your support of the site. I do believe that the matches are tape delayed. If memory serves correctly, Berlin is 6 hours ahead of us. Eurosport will be airing LIVE matches (that will probably be available for online viewing).

Andy said...

Well you guys have it easy. My cable company doesn't carry Tennis Channel so it looks like I'm gonna be trolling youtube for highlights (if it works out my way I'll be watching highlights for the quaterfinal where Serena again dismantles Justine....ok ok ok I know it's clay and the score probably wont be as decisive as in Miami but I can dream cant I?). Oh well...anywho thanks again for all the hard work you do.


ichuse1 said...

Thank You,
This blog is great!!!!!

I was so hoping Serena would not have to face Justine in Q-Finals. She is seeded 5th and still they are going to meet in the quarters.
I am also curious to see how Serena does right out of the gate on clay. She won't have time to work her way into the tournement because either first round prosect is going to be tough for a first round match. I hope she gets through and has a good showing.
Again, thanks for this great forum to talk about something and someone I enjoy so much.

SerenaSlams said...

Thanks for visiting the site. Yes, "it's on" out the gate! Serena will truly have to bring it from the word "play." (No mental lapses please). I do not see any "easy" matches but she is truly a fighter with a mental fortitude second to none. This should be a truly exciting tournament and warm-up to the French Open (which I do believe that she will win this year).

Donann said...

I hope the camera work on the Berlin tournament is better than that in previous tournaments. It seems that the camera person in high in the sky and the ball disappears on the screen. Thank you for covering the tournments that feature the American players, especially Serena who is my favorite.

SerenaSlams said...


You are very welcome and thanks for visiting the site.