June 25, 2008

Beating the "Graveyard" / Serena advances

Serena has defeated Urszula Radwanska 6-4, 6-4. It was quite windy on Court 2, dubbed the "Graveyard of Champions." Serena was determined not to put her name on the list (for a second time) of past champions who tasted defeated on this court. Serena advances to the 3rd Round where she meets Amelie Mauresmo.


Andy said...

I must admit I'm a little concerned about the way Serena is playing. It just seems to me that after the phenomenal start she had to the season (minus the AO) something changed. She played great against Radwanska in Berlin and then after that she played pretty unremarkable tennis through the French Open. I thought she would bring the a new level and spirit to the court but after watching her first 2 matches she seems uninspired. I just wish I saw the fire and dedication she had when she won the AO last year. In her 2nd round match she was constantly on her back foot and playing very defensive...Come on Serena you are the best player out there you need to play your aggressive game! Here's hoping she gets things together for her match against Mauresmo. How do you think she's playing?

SerenaSlams said...

Hello Andy,
Serena has played a lot of tennis thus far this year and have netted 3 great titles. Prior to Wimbledon, she hadn't played a match since her early demise at the French Open (that's about 3 weeks of inactivity). I will attribute the first two rounds to "rust-removal" (lol). Due to her AWESOME legacy as one of the greatest ever (if not the greatest), many expect her to DOMINATE at ALL times and sometimes I'm guilty of that also. I must admit, in my life, I'm not at my best 24-7 and just imagine if I were in her shoes. We are entitled to some "off days", that's just life, but in her situation "the world is always watching and expecting." I am impressed that she has remained injury-free thus far and that speaks mountains for Serena! I also love the fact that she and Venus are playing doubles (which allows more court time to work out kinks). Let's take it one match at a time, be encouraged, Serena's not done just yet. If you thought Australia '07 was phenomenal, wait until next Saturday!

Andy said...

I just wish she was a little more definitive in her wins thus far. Call me greedy but I want her to demolish her competition lol. She really doesn't have any more time to shake off the "rust" because Mauresmo (even though she's played like crap all year) is a former champion, so you never can count that out. From here on out she has pretty good opponents on her way to the final with the exception of Bartoli (I just don't get her game) so here's hoping she steadily improves and gets her third title! Thanks for the great job. I love her jacket by the way...it's soooo diva lol.