June 24, 2008

Serena's (historic) trench coat

WIMBLEDON, England -- For all its repressed fashion and imposed decorum, Wimbledon sure has shown a knack for panache through the years, with the 2008 event already doubly historic.It's believed to be the first time somebody warmed up in a trench coat, and it's believed to be the first time a player walked over to sit next to his opponent during a changeover as if they were some doubles team.

Even if no particular tennis match survives in memory banks from the first week of the 122nd Wimbledon, everybody at Court No. 1 on opening day might well remember Serena Williams' fabulous coat -- or "mackintosh," as the Times of London surmised -- while everybody at Centre Court will remember Dominik Hrbaty's uncommon gesture honoring his longtime friend Roger Federer.The coat, short by design and white by mandate, debuted as the sixth-seeded Williams hit balls with daunting 36th-ranked opponent Kaia Kanepi, keeping the wide belt fastened and the coat closed as she volleyed. She removed it shortly before her rugged 7-5, 6-3 victory and discussed it at length afterward.

"It's a very lightweight fabric," she said with vigor. "It's woven so it has a little give in it as well. On the inside it's stitched with gold. It has a little give on both ways. It's very movable. It's very light. It's just delectable."Prompting sports reporters to delve into fashion reporting, the coat looked so very classic-movie-spy yet with a hint of Austin Powers, of London chic, very Peggy Lipton, very retro.
One of her sponsors hatched the idea, and she briskly endorsed. "You know, I absolutely love trench coats," Williams said for yet another of her stated quirks. "I live in Florida, where I probably have more coats than anybody. I just love coats. I'm always buying Burberry coats. I mean, I love coats. And I don't know why because I live in Florida. So it doesn't really add up."She might wear the coat in the second round and in New York rain sometime. She re-donned the coat as she walked off court chatting and grinning with French Open quarterfinalist Kanepi.


Victor said...

Serena rocking like always xd

ESPN isnt transmiting Wimbledon here in Brazil... i don't know why, they always transmit all four grand slams... anyways, i'll try to find a website where i can watch it live or something like that...

Nice article btw... c ya.


Is this coat available for ordinary people to buy?