July 8, 2008

World Team Tennis News Conference Photos

What is World Team Tennis (WTT)?
World TeamTennis was co-founded by Billie Jean King and is entering its 33rd year of play in 2008. The 3-week season, stretching from July 3rd to July 23rd, will have 11 teams vying for the King Trophy.

The format of play is unique from what you see at other professional tennis matches:
* Two men and two women compete on each team.
* The match format consists of five sets
* One set each of men's and women's singles
* One set each of men's and women's doubles
* One set of mixed doubles
* Every game counts as a point in the overall score
* Typical score is 23 - 19
* A team must win the last game of the last set or the match goes into overtime

It's also interesting to note that the coach is the only person that can initiate a challenge. A challenge can be issued at anytime during a point. The challenge can relate to any shot within the rally. To issue a challenge, the coach shall throw a flag on to the court and tell the umpire verbally. Play stops immediately once a challenge is issued. If player stops play to argue a call and the coach does not want to challenge the call, then that player loses the point.

World TeamTennis prides itself on being a fun & exciting tennis experience and features multi-colored courts, no-ad scoring (at deuce the next point wins), the playing of "let" serves, and cheering is encouraged.

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