August 28, 2008

Serena advances while I rant

Serena was stunning in her 2nd Round match defeating Elena Vesnina, 6-1, 6-1. Serena only lost her serve when she was serving for the match at 5-0. For the majority of the match she served at 80+ percent but ended the match with around a 73% serving stat. (Quite impressive). Serena advances to the 3rd Round where she will meet Ai Sugiyama.

My only gripe was the commentary. Ted Robinson actually makes my blood boil when it comes to commentary on Serena. HE NEVER HAS ANYTHING POSITIVE TO SAY ABOUT SERENA but he takes every effort to try to tarnish her legacy. During the match he actually said, "people look at her like she's this champion." I wanted to reach out and touch him at that very moment. His classic line is always, "it has been "x" number of years since she did this or that." He is truly Debbie-Downer when it comes to Serena. Of all that Serena has accomplished (Career Grand Slam in Doubles and Singles, 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist, former world #1 and numerous other accolades) he never mentions the positive. He will go out of his way to say something negative. I have a strong dislike for Ted Robinson (the commentator) during Serena's matches.

For just about the entire 2nd set they (Ted, Tracy and John) totally disrespected the featured night match: they switched to Sam Querry's match for a few (and also another men's match highlight), next they switched to a live interview with Coin, the 188th ranked player who defeated #1 Ana Ivanovic, and then Ted ("Makes My Blood Boil) Robinson, Tracy Austin and John McEnroe went on a tirade about men's tennis, ALL DURING SERENA'S MATCH. I would have enjoyed this match more if I had just pressed the MUTE button. How tacky and inconsiderate that they would act in such a reckless and blatantly disrespectful manner. I expected Tracy to at least try to sway the conversation back to the match at hand but she seemed content "carrying on" with the guys. Mary Carillo, Pam Shriver, Mary Jo Fernandez or even you or I could have provided more suitable commentary. Focus people!

Oh, to wrap this up with a smile, thanks for the win SERENA!!!! Keep up the good work!


Oryem said...

Well i watched this match on espn and the commentator there was just gushing about Serena so i guess u win some, you lose some. If that Ted dude really said that about not knowing why ppl see her as a champion then he's just a hater. The other two were just unprofessional as well. Nobody watches womens tennis to hear about mens tennis or other players for that matter.

monika said...

I sure am glad that I didn't see this match or hear this commentary. I know that I would have lost my mind! Those three commentators are perfect examples of what Serena & Venus have to put up with on a daily basis within tournaments. The real reason why they despise Serena so much is so evident but white people always accuse us of using the race card on issues like these.