September 4, 2008

Wow! What a match!

This encounter was truly worthy of a Final!


andy said...

What an entertaining match!!! I was screaming at the tv pulling for Serena...I was so lucky to see the match too..I'm in Louisiana and all the power was knocked out because of the hurricane and it came back on like 10 minutes before the match came on (thanks Murray for taking forever to win your match)..On another note I'm pretty much just sticking to looking up Serena info here...I'm exhausted with the barrage of negativity expressed about Serena on the thanks for being so positive and keep it up!

SerenaSlams said...

Hello Andy,

I feel you on Murray taking forever to win his match! Thanks for supporting the site. I too grew tired of the negativity towards Serena (on certain sites)so I decided to create a place to display the true champion that she is. Many (Americans and others) do not appreciate the phenomenal talent that is Serena Williams. Enjoy the rest of the US Open.