November 6, 2008

Doha: Round Robin Friday (3rd Rnd) - Do or Die

3rd Rnd - Round Robin
Serena Williams (USA)[3] vs Elena Dementieva (RUS)[4]
Serena leads Head-to-Head 4-2
2nd Match of the day at the Khalifa International Tennis Complex

* The Winner of this match finishes 2nd in the Maroon Group and advances to the Semi-Finals. Venus Williams leads the Maroon Group going 3-0 in Round Robin action.


nate said...

Phew!! I was just very upset earlier when I posted my comment...I don't think she's fat per say but I don't know if it's the dress, the cut or the color but she looks a little more full in the stomach area....I love her to death and I'm fine with her losing if she plays well...there's no harm in losing to someone who was maybe playing a little bit better than you on a particular day..I was just irritated by her essentially giving up...come on Serena you're better than that! Thankfully I don't have classes tomorrow so I'll be fully rooting for her and if she tries (I mean actually moves and keeps the ball in the court) but Elena beats her I'll be fine, however, if she puts in a performance like she did today....expect another enraged rant from me haha keep up the the good work!

Alex said...

It the end it was neither do, nor die. She just withdrew with a very poor excuse in my oppinion :(
What the .... are you doing, Serena? Don't make me give up on you. It's sooo annoying that you play so little and you withdraw so often...

nate said...

Exactly!..I'm no expert but I think even if she didn't play all fall long but kept working out and practicing on the court her body would hold up better. A sudden injury after back to back days of play shows just how unprepared she was coming into Doha. Realistically she has one or two good seasons left in her...lets just hope she commits to it.

Monika said...

WHAT THE HELL are the two of you talking about? Let me see the two of you get out there and do what she does for a living!! You two idiots obviously never played in any sports in your life. Serena pulled out due to an abdominal strain which is very painful, especially for a tennis player. I'm sick and tired of non-athletes being so spiteful towards Serena as if they really know what they are talking about. Serena had a great year in 2008. When you two actually play full-time tennis and pull muscles, then you will better understand Serena's position.