November 5, 2008

Doha: Round Robin Thursday (2nd Rnd)

2nd Rnd - Round Robin
Serena Williams (USA)[3] vs Venus Williams (USA)[8]
Serena leads Head-to-Head 9-8
2nd Match of the day at the Khalifa International Tennis Complex


Nate said...

I'm baffled by this match today...It was a horrible display from Serena...She just needs to stop all that I'm #1 in the world talk and actually back it up with results. She looked sloppy and slow and lets face it, fat. She just expects to show up with no preparation and win the title and as soon things start heading south she throws a tantrum and gets extremely negative, on the verge of tears after every point. Instead of playing or training during the fall she's out in Hawaii surfing with Common and it clearly shows. I'm a diehard Serena fan and I'm just expressing my frustrations and now after Elena beat Dinara, Serena's chances of the semis look just about over. I hope she puts the work in during the offseason like she always says she does except this time it will show.

SerenaSlams said...

Are you reading my mind or what? I feel your pain / disbelief and agree with 98% of what you've said. (I don't believe that she is "fat," but that outfit does her no favors. I also believe that her competitive nature and the fire in her belly to not be outdone or thoroughly embarrassed by Venus could lift her over Elena D.)

monika said...

Hello everybody but she was playing Venus!!! If I'm not mistaken, she had just won the US open. One has to remember that Venus knows Serena like the back of her hand as well as the other way around. Venus just outplayed Serena in this match and it was a 3 setter. We really don't know how much Serena worked out and just because the media shows her on the beach with Common all the time- that doesn't mean that she didn't practice. One has to be careful about jumping to conclusions.