December 6, 2008

Venus and Serena: Match of the Year!

MATCH OF THE YEAR: Serena Williams defeats Venus Williams, 7-6 (6), 7-6 (7), U.S. Open quarterfinals. It may seem strange to choose a two-set match for this honor, but the 17th meeting between The Sisters was the most riveting of their long, convoluted series, and better than their Wimbledon final, or any other 2008 Grand Slam final for that matter (though Serena's victory over Jankovic in the Open final had its moments). The match represented a complete turn of the wheel since the early days of their rivalry, when the siblings seemed so conflicted about playing one another that their encounters were flat or worse. This time, both Williamses were in top form, ultra-professional and intense, and went at each other as if their reputations were on the line. We hope to see many more like it.

-- as chosen by Bonne D. Ford (

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