December 13, 2008

Williams Sisters join Charity Drive

Recentlythe Williams Sisters took part in the annual Luczo Dragon charity drive. Every year, Luczo Dragon - an IndyCar Series racing team - gets together with a dozen athletes to deliver resources and awareness to charitable organizations across the world. The program was started by team owners Steve Luczo and Jay Penske to raise money, increase exposure for the sport of racing and encourage a philanthropic spirit that will inspire others.

Venus and Serena Williams gave to UNESCO and the Serena Williams Foundation, respectively. In November 2006, Venus was named the first Promoter of Gender Equality in the partnership between UNESCO and the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, which aims to promote women's leadership and gender equality in all spheres of society around the world; she has shown strong and consistent support for the initiative ever since, and her donation to UNESCO in the Luczo Dragon charity drive is no exception. The Serena Williams Foundation is focused on education, and helping children who cannot afford to go to school or college to do so.

-- article courtesy of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour website

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