December 7, 2008

Williams Sisters Stocking Stuffers

HOW TO PLAY TENNIS: Learn How To Play The Williams Sisters' Way (Hardcover 2004)

How To Play Tennis, by Venus and Serena Williams, is the perfect courtside companion for young tennis players of all levels. Detailed photography and text explain everything about the game of tennis from dressing for the court and holding a racket to executing the perfect lob and smash. The Williams sisters offer pro tips, demonstrate the techniques that took them to the top, and inspire young readers become the best tennis players they can be.

VENUS AND SERENA: Serving From The Hip - 10 Rules for Living, Loving and Winning (Paperback 2005)

The powerhouse sisters who stormed the international tennis scene share tips on how they aced their way to the top in Venus and Serena: Serving from the Hip by Venus and Serena Williams, with Hilary Beard. With style and rhythm, they deliver their "10 rules for living, loving, and winning" and back them up with biographical examples. The siblings describe their childhood, their discipline and their mindset and will likely inspire youngsters to pursue dreams of their own.

RAISING TENNIS ACES - The Williams Story (DVD) (2003)

Follow tennis-playing sister act Venus and Serena Wiliams as they rise from humble beginnings to take the courts of Wimbledon by storm in this inspirational story of that tracks their success from the streets of Compton to the cover of Sports Illustrated. Coached by their father, this hardworking duo went pro at the tender age of fourteen and was soon making sports headlines around the world. This is the story of Venus and Serena as told by the people who know them best.

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