January 17, 2009

Serena: "I feel like I'm the best player"

Serena and Jelena can't both be #1 at the same time or can they? In their minds maybe? Though the rankings clearly state that Jelena is the current World #1, Serena thinks otherwise and she has a chance to back up her declaration if she wins the 2009 Australian Open. Jelena does not have a grand slam title, Serena is going for her 10th in Melbourne. Jelena played 21 tournaments in 2008, Serena played 14 (and she is still #2). Serena prefers quality over quantity and it is reflected in her rankings. She just knows how to win big (with fewer tournaments).

I have always said that when Serena is interested / committed and injury-free, there's no better female tennis player on the planet. Within the past few days, Serena and Jelena have stated how they feel about "who is #1."

This is what Serena had to say: "I said I feel like I'm the best player in the world. I would feel weird sitting here saying I'm not the best. Even if I'm ranked 100 in the world, I would sit here and say I'm the best player. Nothing against Jankovic. She went out in the fall and worked hard and got the No. 1 ranking. I feel like I'm the best just because I'm not going to sit here and say anyone is better than me. I shouldn't be in tennis if I felt that way.''

Jelena, your thoughts? "Everybody can think what they want to think. Everybody has the right to think and believe that they are the best in the world. We are professional athletes. You know I'm the number one player in the world, and I believe I'm the best one. I feel as the number one player in the world. Serena can feel the same. Everybody has, you know, their own confidence and the belief in themselves. I don't think you could be successful if you think somebody else is better than you and you're not good enough to be here.""

Action will speak louder than words because the truth of the matter will be settled with the last woman standing at the Aussie Open on January 31st.

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