January 21, 2009

Wow! Serena's Serious!

I just witnessed something that was both shocking and pleasing to me (as it relates to Serena). After playing a close to 2 hour second round hard fought match, instead of going to freshen up, change and rest, what does the 3 time Australian Open winner do? (Being displeased with her performance), SHE GOES DIRECTLY TO THE PRACTICE COURT!

During a break from the Monfils / Koubek match, ESPN2 cut away to Serena on the practice court with the commentators (Darrin Cahill, Pam Shriver and Chris Fowler) saying the following:

"I love this because this is where she was not most of the match on the baseline or inside. Dulko played a great match. It was entertaining. Serena was tense and pushed backward but she gutted it out but that's why she's on the practice court. Good move." - Pam Shriver

"You don't see her do that that often, win a match (which wasn't a short match and in tough conditions) and to go back out there." - Chris Fowler

"A coach loves to see that." - Darrin Cahill

Not saying that this has not happened before, but this is the first time that I have known Serena to go to the practice court right after a tight, hard-fought match. Wow!! She's serious about this (and she looks as fit as a fiddle too).

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