March 21, 2009

Are the Indian Wells organizers hiding Serena?

You'd think that the Williams Sisters WERE playing at Indian Wells based on the amount of attention they are receiving during this tournament. I have a question. Is it true that Indian Wells has removed Serena's Championship plaques / banners? Whether she is participating or not, a title is a title. How low can Indian Wells go? You just don't erase history or is Indian Wells simply trying to cover it up?

And what's up with this back-handed comment by the tournament DIRECTOR?

"Venus and Serena know they are welcome here and the fans would love to see them," said tournament director Steve Simon. "We would be delighted if they decide to play in future years - if not, then they will deal with the repercussions."

The Williams Sisters are getting more publicity (at Indian Wells) than the women that are actually playing the event. See ya next year. (In the media, not the Main Draw).

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Karen said...

I have been a long time lurker of your board and I have to say that removing her plaques etc is just low down. The fact of the matter is that neither Venus or Serena have made any public comments (at least none that I have seen attributed to them this year) surrounding their decision not to play IW. Clearly, if the Sisters are not relevant to IW and its tournament, then there should be absolutely no loss on either side. Let us all move on because clearly the Sisters have moved on. This campaign by IW through the press to basically smear the Sisters is just very sad. I am trying to see what the difference will be to everyone. People still came out to watch the tournament, the tournament insists that they are bigger and better than ever, so why were there so many articles dedicated to the fact that the Sisters were not playing. During the whole week (or was it 2 weeks - cannot say as there was hardly any coverage) I did not see one picture of either Venus or Serena doing anything that would detract from the tournament. Perhaps it would help if the tournament just went along and did its own thing as well.