April 6, 2009

WTA Tour Rankings: Serena holds on to #1

(As of April 6, 2009)

Women's Singles Rankings: # 1 (9132 points)
WTA Points Race: # 1 (3450)
WTA Money Leaders: # 1 ($2,016,697)

* This is Serena's 71st (career) week at #1 *


SeVen said...

Serena is playin gin Marbella this week, how come it's not under upcoming events ?

SerenaSlams said...

I wasn't sure if she would actually make that tournament (due to her current injury) so I hesitated in posting for Marbella. If I do not hear of a change before the end of the day, I will update the "Upcoming/Current Tournament" information to include the Marbella Tournament. I just have a strange feeling about her participation in this tournament and then (the following week) returning to the states to defend her title in Charleston. (3 consecutive weeks of play on a bad knee/ankle/thigh)?

SerenaSlams said...

I accidentally rejected your last post. I'm actually at work and was toggling between screens and pressed the wrong key and for that I do apologize.

SeVen said...

That's ok... just wanted you to see it. How can I communicate with you to share news about Serena ?

SerenaSlams said...

Hello SeVen,

My email address is:
RRice27927@aol.com or if you prefer texting, just let me know.