May 9, 2009

P. Bodo: Serena having trouble backing up boasts

ESPN columnist, Peter Bodo, has written an article titled "Serena having trouble backing up boasts." (Click on the link to view the article).



I saw that article earlier and I left a comment. Those pundits are always the first to knock Serena, and the last to say we always knew she would win. Watch and see come Roland Garros!

Pamela said...

I'm confused as to why you would post this nonsense on a site dedicated to her.

Bodo is almost always factually incorrect in his articles. He didn't put the comments in context (from the actual interview and what she was asked), nor did he mention her injury when she lost Miami and obviously Marabella as well. Then again, Bodo is consistent with his WTA bashing and labeling of the ATP players.

Serena's own blog for how she feels about Rome would have been better.

SerenaSlams said...

Hello Pamela,

Everyone has an "opinion" and I am not blind to the fact that all things said about Serena are not going to be positive. As a fan of Serena, I am willing to "take the good with the bad," I did not see the post as being of bad taste. I found it to be an interesting spin on how Bodo views her current situation (as well as his obvious omission of certain facts). It was just another "Serena-related" entry. I was going to do a post on her 3-match losing streak also, not to bash her but to state the obvious because the truth is the truth. I try to deliver information on "All things Serena Williams." Buckle up because this ride can get a little bumpy (at times). Thanks for visiting / supporting the site.