May 20, 2009

Serena covers SINGULAR Magazine

Serena Williams has put a profile on a Jewish singles website in a bid to get a date with a “cute” Jewish boy. The 28-year-old tennis champ says she couldn’t resist joining, after spotting good-looking Jewish guys online. The devout Jehovah’s Witness says: “I was bored one night and saw a lot of cute guys on JDate, so I put up a profile. “I knew it would all be anonymous. “The guys won’t know who I am until they actually meet me.”

The two-time Wimbledon winner tells Singular, a Californian magazine for single people, about her love life – or lack of one. Williams reveals that her busy schedule has limited her romance options. She says: “I’m dating my tennis racquet…” Williams, who lives in Florida with her sister, fellow tennis champ Venus Williams, says: “I’ve learned to love myself these last few years. But Williams says she still hopes to marry one day. “I’m always like: ‘[Venus], we gotta get married already.’ “But Venus is cool. She’ll give me that serious look of hers and say: ‘You know what? It’s OK. And I’m not getting married – not before you anyway.’” However, all jokes aside, Williams is in no rush to marry. “I have a full life. I don’t need someone else to finish the picture.”

Source: Splash News

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