August 24, 2009

Tennis Magazine: U.S. Open Preview - Serena

She's won three out of the last four majors. How long can Serena Williams stay dominant?

Serena Williams is the best player in the world, no matter what the rankings say. How long can that continue? Considering Williams' weak-minded competition, it could be a very long time.

Williams is about to turn 28, and there isn't a young player on the tour who has the physical skills, mental fortitude or nasty disposition it will take to displace her at the top. The defending U.S. Open Champion and the best player of her generation has proven time and again that desire is her biggest weapon, and that when she wants something, no one can take it from her, not even her older sister. She remains, after all these years in the sport, without equal.

The one true challenge for Williams is her fitness. She has stayed healthy this season and played a full schedule outside of the majors, yet she clearly isn't in the same condition she was back in 2002, when it took a miracle to beat her. For now, she looks to be in good enough shape to keep three-quarters of the major hardware in her possession for another year. After that, who knows. One thing is for sure though: If a 32-year-old Serena Williams wants to make herself into a champion again, she will. (Article by: Tom Perrotta - p. 36 / Tennis Magazine).

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