September 14, 2009

Serena and Stacey make statements

Serena's statement after controversial US Open semifinal match:

“Last night everyone could truly see the passion I have for my job. Now that I have had time to gain my composure, I can see that while I don't agree with the unfair line call, in the heat of battle I let my passion and emotion get the better of me and as a result handled the situation poorly. I would like to thank my fans and supporters for understanding that I am human and I look forward to continuing the journey, both professionally and personally, with you all as I move forward and grow from this experience.”

Stacey Allaster (Chairman and CEO, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour):

Serena Williams’ conduct last night was inappropriate and unprofessional. No matter what the circumstances, no player should be allowed to engage in such behavior without suffering consequences. I have spoken with the USTA about this matter and I agree with the action they have taken.

Serena is a great player who has done so much for our sport and I am certain she will continue to be a role model to millions of young women who want to play the game and excel as Serena has done. As a role model, it's important for a leader like Serena to step forward and recognize her behavior last night was unacceptable, and I believe that her statement earlier today is an acknowledgement of her responsibility to her fans.


Anonymous said...

Serena Williams' behavior at the U.S. Open is unacceptable and extremely unsportsman like. It shows people how spoiled she really is. Another example was when she lost to Venus at Wimbledon. She should be kicked out of the tournament altogether and not be allowed to play for a period of time. She would have scared the heck out of me with her venom and actions. Totally a disgrace to tennis. Maybe Serena should take example from some of the wonderful men who play this game with equal passion, i.e. Federer, Nadal and on.

Anonymous said...

Serena I understand that you are an athelete and that sometimes you have just say things;however, thing that are said in frustration shouldn't be used to define or measure a person. Anyone who doesn't understand this is a "Hater". I just bought a shirt that says I'm hater friendley from If you have haters then they have you covered. They make shirts for people who have haters. I still supportyou beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Serena, If that line judge had been BLACK would you have been as rude and crude as you were. YOU should be disqualified and FINED larger then the piddly 10 grand. You are a disgrace to your profession and race!

Anonymous said...

HI Serena:) It's so funny that just minutes after reading your interview in the Sept. issue of people. (I seriously was thinking to myself "I wish there was somewhere to comment about that interview. I thought it was great!"). I open up my Yahoo mail and there is a story about you and how you have now made the correct apology. Made me kinda laugh that with everything else that is going on wrong in this country this would be a huge topic :P. Anyway...HA! It refrenced your blog. Just thought I needed to let you know that I think you are an inspiration to women everywhere for everything you have achieved! God bless you and your family.