September 11, 2009

US Open: Semifinal (Saturday)

[2] Serena Williams (USA) vs Kim Clijsters (BEL)
Serena leads Head-to-Head 7-1
Arthur Ashe Stadium @ 8:00pm


Anonymous said...

Having just watched the match and read the interview it just confirms what I already knew. Serina is a total egomaniac. She is a great competitor but a totaly graceless loser. I watched a great match that ended in an inappropriate way. You could see how nervous she was in the face of a loss. It makes you think that instead of tipping your hat to your competitor for outplaying you (check the stats) you succumb to a childish temper tantrum and then blame your errors on a bad day instead of constant pressure from one of your peers. Your actions totally diminshed your public persona.

Anonymous said...

I think I have lost complete respect for the officials when it comes to Serena! That is all I am going to say about that as some might not have seen it already.

Monika said...

Egomaniacs don't admit when they are wrong or when they play bad. Serena did not play her A game and Clijsters did. One can argue that Serena did not take Clijsters seriously before the match, but I am sure Serena won't make the same mistake twice. Serena has beaten Clijsters 7 times and Clijsters has won only 2 times. Serena had every right to get angry, considering the history of her being cheated at the Us Open!! The next time Serena plays Clijsters, she will mop the floor with her.