December 13, 2009

Rock-n-Racquets (Athens, Georgia)

On Saturday, Williams joined former Georgia four-time All-American John Isner, Sam Querrey and Melanie Oudin, for a series of exhibition matches and a youth clinic at the coliseum. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition went to Georgia's general scholarship fund. Former Georgia shortstop and American League Rookie of the Year finalist Gordon Beckham was the chair judge for the mixed doubles exhibition

"I've been doing a lot of charity," Williams said. "I've started a mission to raise money for women because I do think women are treated differently. So that's what I've really been throwing myself into." Williams' 2009 U.S. Open ended with a loss to Kim Clijsters in a semifinals match that was marked by a Williams' profanity-laced tirade. Since then, Williams has set a personal goal of raising $92,000 for women's charities.

"It's important for me to be able to do that for myself and make myself feel better," Williams said. "I really like charity. I'm involved with so many and that's what I enjoy." Williams retained her sense of humor and laughed at a couple of on-court jokes by Beckham about her temper and foot-faults while Beckham chaired the mixed doubles match.

Despite the U.S. Open finish, Williams comes off one of her best seasons. She won 2009 singles titles at the Australian Open and Wimbledon. Williams' charity work has cut into her training this fall, so preparation for the 2010 season will begin soon because the Australian Open starts on Jan. 18.

"I've really been so busy lately that I haven't been able to do as much," Williams said. "I've really got to start training and getting myself together for Australia. I feel alright. I'm getting things done, and I'm pushing and getting things right."

Serena has been quite busy as of late (during the OFF season). She played a tennis exhibition in Barbados, took part in WTT Smash Hits and promoted her Signature Statement Collection on the Home Shopping Network, just to name a few. Serena's Rock-n-Racquet results: Melanie Oudin and Sam Querrey beat John Isner and Serena 7-6(5) and Melanie Oudin beat Serena 7-5.

-Most of article courtesy of ROGER CLARKSON (Online Athens)

- Images courtesy of Kelly Lambert/Staff

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