December 10, 2009

Serena reaches "boiling point"

Check out Serena's article at titled,
"To Be Honest, I Believe I Reached My Boiling Point"

Article includes:

* ITF Fine (amount) clarification *
* Her feelings on the US Open incident *
* Past (match-related) wrongs *
* The "double-standard" *
* Her 92K Mission *

1 comment:

monika said...

Serena's fans need to throw rotten eggs at the next official who tries to cheat on her. I will be the first in line with a dozen eggs! I bet that line official will think twice before messing with Serena or Venus again. It's a shame that one has to lose her cool to get people to leave her alone!! The US open director and its officials need to be investigated for favoritism and cheating!