May 9, 2010

Venus & Serena can leave Madrid ranked 1 and 2

It has been quite some time (mid-2002 to be exact when Venus was #1 and Serena #2) that the Williams Sisters have been ranked #1 and #2. Serena is currently ranked #1 and Venus is #4 (#3 as of tomorrow) but if they both do well this week, they could possibly leave Madrid ranked (once again) #1 and #2 in the world. Here's what Serena had to say:

"It would be amazing. We've worked really hard and Venus works harder than I do. We really, really fight and try to be the best we can. That's all we're here to do is just be the best we can be."

Current world #2, Caroline Wozniacki, has 6,255 points while Venus has 5,691. That's a 564 point difference. Being that the Madrid Open Finalist collects 700 points and the Winner nabs 1000, it is mathematically possible for Venus to grab the #2 ranking depending on her match results as well as Wozniacki's.

Keep in mind that Wozniacki is defending 700 points at this tournament, she was runner up last year to Dinara Safina.
Venus is only defending 80 points being that she loss in the 2nd Round.

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M-Dubb said...

Actually, Wozniacki should gain 15 points from her run in Rome (they changed the points from last year). So there would be a 579 point difference.

Also, Venus was only given 5 points during last year's tourney, as she had a bye into the second round for being a semifinalist in Rome. I checked the WTA site.

Hope all that helps. And yeah, I've been following this, too. Wozniacki not making it to the semis would be automatic No. 2 for Venus. If they both play well, Venus needs to go one round more than Wozniacki. Seeing how they're on the same side of the draw (and Wozniacki hasn't even taken a set off Venus in their last four meetings), I see Venus as the No. 2 seed at the French!