August 23, 2010

U.S. Open Classic Matches on TENNIS Channel

The TENNIS Channel is scheduled to air the following
U.S. Open
Classic Matches:

8/26 @ 12:30am - Serena vs. Lindsay Davenport (2002)

8/26 @ 8:00pm - Serena vs. Jennifer Capriati (2004)

8/28 @1:30am - Serena vs. Venus Williams (2001)

8/28 @ 4:00pm - Serena vs. Venus Williams (2008)

1 comment:

TennisAce said...

You would think that every time that Serena played in a classic match at the USO she lost. They hardly ever feature any matches in the classic vein in which she won. She has won 13 Grand Slam titles and yet every year we see the same old tired losses.

About the only times we see her wins are those against Venus, which for me are not always classics. What about her first Grand Slam win against Martina Hingis or how about the 2008 USO victory against Jankovic which was a brilliantly played match.

she has also had some very good matches at the Open. For this year's Wimbledon Classics, I thought they would for sure show that classic match between Serena and Dementieva, but nope, all we got are the same tired old players with the wooden racquets. I get so sick of it sometimes I wonder why I even bother.