September 19, 2010

World-Class Athletes Debut The M Foundation

MISSION Co-Founders Establish Fund to
Support and Inspire Next Generation of Athletes

MISSION Skincare®, the first athlete-engineered® skincare line, is proud to announce the launch of The M Foundation™, a non-profit organization committed to promoting healthy athletic performance on the field, and simultaneously recognizing charitable achievements of young athletes off the field.

With the introduction of The M Foundation, MISSION Skincare is encouraging athletic prowess in a dynamic way that raises the bar for socially conscious companies everywhere. The beneficiary of MISSION Skincare’s “blended value” enterprise, The M Foundation ignites the social impact objective of the brand forged by some of the world’s greatest athletes such as Serena Williams, Steve Nash, David Wright, Billie Jean King, Mia Hamm, Amanda Beard, Sergio Garcia, Georges St-Pierre, Gretchen Bleiler and Alonzo Mourning. At the core of The M Foundation are athletes “on a mission” to educate and inspire America’s youth to perform their best within and outside the arena of athletic competition.

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monika said...

Who are the two adorable men next to Serena??