November 23, 2010

Top 10 Most Intimidating Players

Michael Cansenti (featured columnist for The Bleacher Report) recently posted a list of the 10 Most Intimidating Players in the Open Era.  Serena is the only "active" female on the list.  Of the 10 players listed, only three are "active" (Rafael Nadal, Serena and Roger Federer).

10. Chris Evert
9.  John McEnroe
8.  Bjorn Borg
7.  Rafael Nadal
6.  Monica Seles
5.  Martina Navratilova
4.  Pete Sampras
3.  Serena Williams
Not just power, but dominance.  Power, dominance, power, dominance.  The two words that describe Serena Williams.  The two qualities that make Serena Williams so great on the tennis court. She won 4 consecutive grand slams, completing the "Serena Slam," and her aggression and mental toughness have been a first in this era.  Never before had we seen a player like Serena, and never will we see another player like Serena.

2. Roger Federer
1.  Steffi Graf

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