November 23, 2010

Bleacher Report Tennis Award

"2010 has been the epitome of a great season; Rafael Nadal's reign, Serena Williams's stay at the top, and many new faces have highlighted a splendid year.  However, who deserves the claim of attaining a "B/R Tennis Award?"

QUEEN OF THE COURT: Serena Williams

No question about this one, either.  Everyone, please lend a hand to...Serena Williams!  An injury-marred season wasn't enough to stop Serena from holding the No. 1 spot for the greater part of this year. However, Serena has sunk to the No. 4 spot after being sidelined with a foot injury after Wimbledon.  So much for watching the World Cup.  Because of her absence in big time tournaments in New York and Doha, she let loose her strangle hold on this year's tennis.

What still remains a mystery and will forever be is how Serena was able to keep her No. 1 ranking despite playing 6 tournaments.  It took Caroline Wozniacki and Vera Zvonereva almost the whole year to catch up with the great Serena.  The best player in women's tennis for years, Serena Williams will not let that title go this year.  (Runner up: Kim Clijsters)

By: Michael Cansenti (Featured Columnist) - Bleacher Report

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