June 15, 2008

Seeing Double(s) at Wimbledon

Venus and Serena have entered the doubles draw at Wimbledon. These two really bring excitement, power, drama and skill to the game. People say what they will (about the sisters) but they know deep down within to NEVER count them out, especially at a Grand Slam, playing well or not. They are truly an unpredictable force of nature which tennis has never seen: Sisters (both former World #1s) that own multiple Grand Slam singles and doubles titles; having achieved the Career Grand Slam Doubles (together) and Serena capturing the Career Grand Slam in singles; Venus w/ the Olympic Gold medal in singles and capturing Olympic Doubles Gold glory w/ Serena; 67 singles titles between the two of them and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

The Williams sisters have proved to be an almost unstoppable force when they team up: they have won six grand slam titles, two each in Melbourne and Wimbledon and one at the French and U.S. Open. They also struck gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and are one of only five pairings who have won all four women's grand slam doubles titles.

The sisters in full flight on the same side of the net is one of the greatest sights in tennis. They are also one of the most skilled pairings on the world circuit with an incredibly successful record in doubles. The sisters have done so much and I have a strong feeling that they are not done yet. With grass under their feet and being (to my knowledge) injury-free, all I can say is......GAME ON!

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