March 4, 2009

Serena's Song: You can write it

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has teamed with tennis superstar Serena Williams to help kick-off a contest aimed at creating a theme song for her matches. The "Serena's Song" contest is in association with Ludacris' WeMix music site and will be open to any and all musicians who enter. The nationwide songwriting competition invites independent musicians, songwriters, producers, rappers and singers to submit original music inspired by and about Serena Williams. Ms. Williams will select her personal favorite songs as Finalists, and the winner will be chosen by the online communities at and Ms. Williams' redesigned website

The musician with the winning song will be taken into the studio to professionally record what will become Serena's official theme music. The winner will then go to the premiere of the song at the Bank of the West Classic, in Stanford, CA., in late July. The new theme song will be used at tennis matches, public appearances and a variety of other outlets by Williams. Serena explained why she thinks the contest is a natural fit: "Sports and music have such a powerful connection,' Williams said in a statement. "I always see athletes including myself listening to music, while they're getting ready for or decompressing after a match, or a race, or a game, whichever the sport."

Interested musicians may enter the "Serena's Song" contest by going to

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