October 10, 2010

Serena WITHDRAWS from Linz

LINZ, Austria — Serena Williams has pulled out of next week's Generali Ladies Linz tournament because her injured right foot hasn't healed properly.  Williams had been cleared by her doctor to return to competition.

But the American suffered "a physical problem" which surfaced in her final training session for the event.  Instead of travelling to the Austrian city on Sunday, Williams chose to undergo further medical tests and later announced her withdrawal.  A comeback at the modest Linz tournament would have allowed Williams get herself in condition for the Masters in Doha at the end of October, which is played on the same surface.

Williams will lose her world number one spot when the latest WTA rankings are published on Monday, after 20-year-old Dane Caroline Wozniacki secured top spot by reaching the quarter-finals at the Beijing tournament.  Williams has been sidelined since July after cutting her foot on broken glass at a restaurant after winning Wimbledon.  She returned to practice in September after having surgery but twice put off her comeback, withdrawing from the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo and the China Open in Beijing.

* I received two very HOT emails about Serena's withdrawal.  I will post them later but I have to "edit" and "tone down" some of the "language." 

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TennisAce said...

And this is what irks me about when Serena announces her withdrawal etc. We had 4 other players announcing in the last few days that they were no longer playing the rest of the season. One of them was her sister and the other was the so-called face of the sport, Sharapova.

Everyone jumped on Venus about her injury on message boards and reporters speculated about what the injury was and there was sympathy for Sharapova. Yet when Serena withdraws, people feel the need to call her out of her name and do all sorts of silly stuff. I just don't get it.

Clijsters has not played since the USO and Henin not since Wimbledon. All they get is sympathy but Serena gets drawn and quartered.

What she is black so she should not get injured or what? I have had enough of the freaking double standards in this sport.

When Nadal withdraws of has injuries, no one questions him, but everyone jumps on Serena.