October 10, 2010

Serena's season is DONE!

It appears that Serena's tennis season is over.  She issued the following statement to her fans via her website:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My dearest fans

I have been training for many weeks to get back to playing tennis as quickly possible since my foot surgery in mid-July. Yesterday I learned that I had tried too hard, and did too much too soon. After practicing yesterday morning I felt discomfort in my foot and tests by my doctor revealed that I had unfortunately re-strained it, as a result of over training.

I am likely out for the year now. I was really looking forward to beginning my comeback in Linz, followed by the Year-end championships in Doha. I feel completely heartbroken, and devastated, but knowing I will never be given more than I can handle I plan on coming back stronger and better. However, in order not to make this worse, I have to chill on my physical workouts but I will immediately begin rehabbing as soon as I get the Doc's OK. Keep me in your prayers (I need them).

Thank you all for your support and love.



Anonymous said...

I want to believe her. Let's see how many events or red carpets she's photographed at this week.

voyance said...

Your blog is a true mine of information, I am an avid reader and I wish you good continuation.

TennisAce said...

So because she goes to red carpet events she is not injured? That is what sickens me. How much effort does it take to put on your clothes and go out, smile for the cameras and do your duty by your sponsor? Clearly it must take more effort than swinging a tennis racquet.

Many of us when we call in sick don't necessarily stay in bed all day. We go to the grocery store or even do chores around the house.

Maybe the reason why a lot of us don't believe Serena when she says she is not fit to play is because most of us tend to lie to our employers when we call in sick and so we are judging Serena's illness by our own immoral standards.

RRice27927 said...


This post is rushed (I'm at work) but I wanted to say that I loved your statement, "Many of us when we call in sick don't necessarily stay in bed all day. We go to the grocery store or even do chores around the house." I had to laugh because I'm guilty of this. Looking at the glass as half full as well as half empty, when you view (in this case) Serena's "track record," I don't doubt that she has had injuries but SOME were truly questionable.

I'm a serious Serena fan in the good and bad times (hence the blog), but this last withdrawal left me a bit puzzled. She stated that she was cleared to play and I understand that an injury can be aggrevated (or reinjured)but the timing seemed "strange" because she practically had one foot on the plane (per her tweets) and then right before the door closed she "changed her mind." Was the inclusion of her name to the tournament "only to sell tickets" (be honest, we know this happens)and when was the last time Serena played a $220,000 tournament. And I won't begin to talk about fans that spend a pretty (non-refundable) penny hoping to see her play.

There are other topics that I want to touch on (but I'm currently at work and about to get my next client LOL). We will continue this discussion. I may post an "open-forum" on the blog in reference to this. Have a great day and thanks for posting and supporting!

monika said...

I would love to know what those 2 emails consisted of that you referred to in small letters. I strongly believe that the media needs to give Serena a break and try to see things from her perspective. This has to be very devastating for her: not only is she losing valuable income but she also lost her #1 ranking due to a non-related tennis injury! Serena relies on her tennis income to support herself and now she can't make money doing what she loves most because of an isolated injury. I could tell from the tone of her letter on her website that she was sincerely disappointed by it. Yes, Serena may have income coming from her fashion business as well; however, tennis is her passion. I just can't wait to see her on the courts again & the women's tour is boring without her & Venus.